Dental Implants and Their Benefits

  • Jan 12 2017

Dental implants are gaining popularity as of late. This is because more and more people are opting for them. This is particularly true for people who have missing or damaged teeth. If you are also suffering from missing or damaged teeth, then you should certainly opt for dental implants. Why? What are the benefits that you can get?

Dental Implants over the Others

They are durable and long term solution. Dental implants can last for a lifetime. Of course, this is possible when they are placed properly and when they are cared properly. With them, you can feel that you have real teeth. They don’t only look like real teeth, but they also function and feel like them.

They protect your jawbone. You can experience health issues once you have empty spaces caused by lost tooth/teeth. One of these health issues is jawbone deterioration. The jawbone will lose its firmness and strength when it does not support any tooth. Dental implants are considered as the only option that can preserve and stimulate natural bone, hence, helping prevent bone loss and stimulate bone growth.

You can eat comfortably. You don’t need to choose the foods that you eat. You can eat everything you like, without feeling uncomfortable. Every bite will be natural and you can taste the foods very well. This is in contrast to dentures where you cannot totally taste the food you are eating.

You can speak easily. Using dentures to replace damaged or missing tooth can be a good option. However, dentures can affect the way you speak. There might be some words or letters that you will not be able to pronounce clearly. The movement of your mouth when talking can also be affected. On the other hand, dental implants will not affect the way you speak as they function like real teeth.

No cavities. Although these feel and look like real teeth, cavities do not occur on them. Therefore, you will no longer need to worry about them getting damaged due to cavities. However, you will need to visit your dentist from time to time or on your scheduled visit. You should also make sure that you brush your teeth every day to prolong its life.

Dental implants are indeed a good option, but they are somewhat more expensive when compared to dentures. The price should not hinder you though from opting for them. If you want to have such, do not forget to visit Dr. Lynne A. March. We help people who are in the San Diego area, so do not hesitate to give us a call.

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