San Diego, CA Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

Lynne A. March, D.D.S. established her own successful dental practice 14 years ago, having already been in a private practice for 8 years prior to that. In total, she has been active in dentistry for 38 years. Clients all over San Diego now enjoy brighter, healthier smiles as a result of her skilled care.

In fact, her office provides many reasons to smile. You may be surprised to learn that her patients report that their dental visits are extremely pleasant, rather than a chore. Not only is Lynne A. March, D.D.S. a consummate professional; she is a gentle and compassionate healthcare provider. Beyond the enthusiastic testimonials given by her patients, Lynne A. March, D.D.S. is recognized by her peers for her competence and versatility in the field. She has been voted one of the top five dentists in San Diego by The San Diego Union-Tribune.

She and her hygienists, well-loved by their patients, help the office run smoothly and efficiently. You will be pleased to find both flexible scheduling and emergency treatments available. At the office of Lynne A. March, D.D.S. a full range of dental services is offered, including;

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Though you have no cavities and are not troubled by dental discomfort of any kind, you may be bothered by missing, crooked, or chipped teeth, or teeth discolored by aging or diet. Our up-to-date cosmetic dental procedures can restore or recreate your smile, making it attractive and engaging.

  • Dental Implants

    Lynne A. March, D.D.S. is proud of her work with dental implants. Not only do they replace missing teeth, but are superior to bridges and dentures in that they are almost indistinguishable from your original teeth in appearance and sensation. For many patients, the fact that dental implants cost a bit more is inconsequential when they realize how much the implants will improve their overall appearance.

  • Teeth Whitening

    Since teeth whitening has become an available treatment, people have become more conscious of the discoloration of their teeth. What used to be taken for granted as a part of aging, has become less tolerable as we realize it is no longer inevitable. Over-the-counter products claiming to whiten teeth are rarely satisfactory. Patients who have spent years unintentionally graying or yellowing their teeth by smoking, drinking too much alcohol, coffee or cola, and eating foods with high sugar content, are delighted to discover that Lynne A. March, D.D.S., who uses Zoom whitening, can effectively lighten their teeth by up to eight shades in only an hour!

  • Dentures

    For individuals who are missing teeth and want to replace them in the least expensive, most aesthetically pleasing way possible, dentures are the perfect choice. It is essential to have badly decayed, infected or broken teeth extracted so that your gums and other teeth are not adversely affected. When teeth that cannot be salvaged are removed, the rest of your mouth is protected, but your appearance will undoubtedly suffer. Dentures are a convenient, cost-effective solution to restoring not only the fullness of your smile but the functionality of your bite.

  • Dental Cleanings

    Most everyone is aware of the importance of having their teeth cleaned professionally on a regular basis. At our office, we have two part-time hygienists, Brooke and Tina, each dedicated to keeping your mouth as clean and healthy as possible. They are well-trained to prevent gingivitis, remove tartar, spot cavities, and detect early signs of oral cancer. Each prides herself on providing you with a relaxing, as well as thorough, cleaning. When you leave our office after a professional cleaning, your mouth will feel and look clean and refreshed.

  • Fillings

    Pain caused by cavities is one of the primary reasons patients go to the dentist. Another reason you should go to the dentist regularly is so that cavities can be spotted early, when they can be easily treated. Lynne A. March, D.D.S. may discover an incipient cavity during a routine examination or in one of your X-rays, or her hygienist may spot one during your dental cleaning. It is important to have a cavity cleaned out and filled promptly in order to prevent the condition from worsening and to protect the structural health of your tooth.

  • Dental crowns

    At times a large cavity cannot be contained with a standard filling. When this occurs, a crown is necessary. The crown will both protect the tooth from damage and correct your bite and appearance.

  • Dental bridges

    For patients who are missing teeth, dental bridges are used to fill in the gaps. Bridges have several functions: they restore appearance and improve chewing ability by correcting the bite. A bridge is somewhat more like an implant than a denture since the bridge is a permanent fixture. For some patients, bridges are the appropriate choice because, while they are less expensive than implants, they fulfill the same purpose.

If you are experiencing a dental problem of any kind in San Diego, Lynne A. March, D.D.S. is the one to contact. Even if your oral health is fine, why not be proactive? Make an appointment with Lynne A. March, D.D.S. for your regular dental check-up and cleaning at (619) 285-1200 so that you maintain excellent dental care and oral hygiene and have the reassurance of being connected to a kind, an experienced dentist should any oral problem arise.