When Was The Last Time Your Teeth Were Cleaned?

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  • Jan 12 2017


When Was The Last Time Your Teeth Were Cleaned?

Most dental insurances provide for 2 preventative teeth cleanings each year.  Insurance companies would rather pay for these preventative teeth cleanings instead of having to reimburse the dentists for more costly procedures. Dentists would prefer you have these check-ups to catch any problems (tooth decay, gum disease, tumors, cracked teeth or bone, etc.) sooner rather than later so you will not have any adverse health effects from problems in your mouth.

Most dentists have options for their patients who have anxiety about getting these preventative check-ups to make the visits easier on the patients.  Additionally, your teeth and mouth have a lot to say about other health conditions which your dentist can alert you to if you simply come in for your bi-annual teeth cleanings.

So don’t think of visiting the dentist to get your teeth cleaned a chore….we’re here to help your improve your overall health.  If you haven’t seen a dentist in awhile, please call me to make an appointment (619-285-1200), and if you’ve only had 1 cleaning this year, take advantage of your dental insurance, and make sure you schedule your second one before the end of the year!

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