Smiles Before School: Why You Should Schedule Your Child for a Dental Check-up Before the Year Begins

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  • Jan 12 2017

Getting ready for school or college can be a flurry of running around, shopping for supplies, and making sure your student has everything they need for their first day back. Head off any oral hygiene issues by scheduling an appointment before the year begins for less stress before the bus arrives.

Get a Cleaning Before Day 1
Daily brushing helps your children get in the habit of caring for their teeth every day. Scheduling a cleaning before the start of the school year helps clean hard to reach areas and starts the semester off on a good note. Regular cleanings help maintain oral health and monitor any growing concerns.

Forget About Scheduling Hassles
Once the school year begins, your child will either be busy with after school practices, or if they’re in college, they might be in another town or state. Scheduling a dental appointment before the year begins avoids scheduling conflicts and missed school days that could hamper your child’s classroom attendance record.

Maintain Oral Health
Getting in the habit of regular dental check-ups will help kids and young adults learn to take better care of their teeth. While daily brushing does help, a cleaning supplements that with a detailed look at their gums. If necessary, x-rays and other examinations may also be administered. Regular check-ups watch for changes that may need future attention in your child’s oral care.

Prevent Problems Before they Become Worse
Cavities may need filling and braces may be required. Regular check-ups address when it is time to focus on these issues before it is too late. Knowing before the school year begins that you and your student will be facing these problems can help you both navigate scheduling better.

Keep an Eye on Wisdom Teeth
Older teens and college aged students face the possibility of needing wisdom teeth removed. A check-up before the semester begins can determine how soon this may need to happen. Fortunately, wisdom teeth removal is an easy procedure for most patients. A general check-up can determine when to see a specialist for further care and which steps to take next.
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