Back To School Means Time For A Dental Check-Up

Young girl brushing her teeth
  • Jan 12 2017


It’s back to school time again and that means your little one (or big one!) should have a back to school dental check-up to help keep their mouth free from cavities and ensure good dental health care.

Just as it’s important for your child to have a physical and a medical check-up before the school year, it’s a good idea to get their teeth cleaned professionally on a regular basis to keep their mouth healthy and prevent gingivitis and cavities; your child will be able to start the school year off right!

Regular cleanings not only get plaque off of your teeth, but also your gums. Gingivitis is an incredibly common infection which can affect both your gum tissues and bones. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Regular cleanings prevent gum disease, and also help you catch it early. If we diagnose gingivitis early, it can be reversed before complications ensue. You will keep more of your adult teeth if you prevent gum disease. The older you get, the more important dental cleanings are.

No one likes finding out they have a cavity, but nothing is worse than leaving your cavities unchecked. A cavity which is ignored can turn from a minor problem into a major one. By catching your cavities early, we are able to get them filled before you need to take more drastic steps.

Dental hygiene is one of our specialties, and one of our most commonly performed procedures. We are well liked by our patients, and are passionate about providing patients with the most relaxing, thorough cleaning experience you’re going to find in the San Diego area.  It would be our honor to have your child grow with me in the practice and become a long-time patient.

By keeping you or your child’s teeth clean, we can prevent problems like cavities and gingivitis from forming in the first place, especially if you keep your cleaning appointments regularly. Ready to schedule your first appointment? Then call us today at (619) 285-1200. We look forward to your San Diego dental cleaning!

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