Cosmetic Dentistry Options: Which One is Best for You?

  • Jan 12 2017

Do you find it uncomfortable to wear a smile because of stained or damaged tooth? If that is the case, then most likely, you are thinking of a way on how you can solve such problems. One of your options should be to undergo a cosmetic dentistry process. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming a trend because of many people opting for it. Through it, a dentist can transform a smile into a bright and beautiful one that can surely become someone’s asset.

Cosmetic dentistry comes in several options and you don’t have to worry at all when you don’t know these. Your dentist will help you decide on which option is best for your teeth. What are these options? They are as follows.

Teeth Whitening

This cosmetic dentistry option is sometimes known as ‘teeth bleaching’ and it is considered as one of the least expensive and simplest ways of improving someone else’s smile. You can opt to do this procedure in the clinic of your dentist or you can also opt to do it at home. When it is your dentist who will do the procedure, expect to spend more. However, if you will simply buy the needed materials from your dentist and then do the procedure at home, then surely, you will be able to save money.

Dental Veneers

These are custom-made and water-thin shells of tooth-colored resin or porcelain. These cover the teeth’s front surface and they are bonded or cemented to the teeth, thus, changing their shape, size and color. They are sometimes called ‘Hollywood teeth’ and thus, they are quite expensive.

Dental Bonding

A plastic material known as a putty-like resin which has the color of a tooth is applied and then hardened using a laser or ultraviolet light so that it will bond to the tooth. The dentist will then shape, trim and polish it.

This is also a good remedy for cracked, decayed or misshapen teeth. Moreover, it is a good cosmetic replacement or alternative for silver fillings. This can be done within 30 – 60 minutes.

Dental Crown

This is also known as a cap and it replaces the entire damaged or decayed tooth from the gum line. It restores the size, shape, appearance and strength of the tooth. Moreover, it holds a cracked tooth together and keeps a weak tooth from breaking. It can be used to cover severely discolored or misshapen teeth and it can be made of resin, ceramic, metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal.

Indirect Fillings

These are also called as inlays and onlays and they can be made from porcelain, gold or composite materials. These are used to fill damaged or decayed teeth and they are also great alternatives to crowns. These preserve the health of a tooth as much as possible.

Dental Implants

These are replacement tooth roots made from titanium and they are inserted to the missing tooth’s bone socket. This will be anchored firmly in the jaw as the jawbone grows around it. It can then be a foundation for tooth replacement.

You should visit your dentist when you want to regain that sweet smile of yours. If you are in San Diego, consider visiting Dr. Lynne A. March. She can do any of the mentioned procedures just to brighten up your smile.



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